Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie     

Originally from Utica, NY, Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie is a Brooklyn based composer. He is pursuing a PhD at the CUNY Graduate Center, where his research focuses on the music of Pierre Schaeffer. He teaches Music Technology at Hunter College and Brooklyn College, and recently joined the faculty at The Walden Schools Creative Musicians Retreat. He created & hosts Algorithmic Sound, a series of free virtual masterclasses featuring composers and artists that engage with creative coding. Recently, he is working on a variety of projects as an audio engineer.

In his chamber music, he is interested in questioning commonly assumed dualities of electronic sound, such as live vs. recorded, acoustic vs. amplified, and synthetic vs. natural. His pieces often involve polarizing or blurring the lines of these dualities by juxtaposing acoustic instruments with imitations of themselves. In his tape, Scribble (Mondoj, 2020), and other electronic music, he playfully engages with algorithmic composition, pop production techniques, uncanny MIDI instruments, and field recordings. He has released a number of free Max for Live devices that generate MIDI patterns and gestures.

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