Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie     


Max for Live Devices

download for free @ jsm.gumroad.com

Tuned EQaudio effect for resonating pitched sounds out of noises.

Cartographermidi device for improvising with random shapes. 

Feelmidi delay for microtiming, swing, and other rhythmic manipulations.

Spikemidi device for random bursts and gestures.

Inch by Inchgenerative step sequencer that creates gradually evolving patterns.

Cycling ‘74 Starting Points

Thanks to the folks at Cycling’74 for commissioning this patch for their starting point series. The patch can be downloaded here.

Meta-sequencer starting point: After making a bunch of sequencer patches focused on performing with a sixteen-slider MIDI controller, I found myself tending to use only one or two at a time. Aiming towards more substantial pieces, I came up with this patch. The main principles are: ︎ to only use sliders to control the patch, and ︎ to create a meta-sequencer that can combine several mini-sequencers. One result I love is that each slider controls many parameters, pairing every intentional change with something unexpected. I’ve been playing with a handful of pieces using this as a template. Hopefully it can be a useful starting point for you!

MaxMSP Sketchbook

I’ll gradually add new & old patches to this archive. email me with any requests.
2023.03.13 - download - infinite sustain / interruption for too hands.
2023.02.11 - download - generative sequencer for general midi.
2023.02.10 - download - burst demo for too hands.
2023.02.06 - download - interactive sequencer for general midi.
* 2022.11.18 - download - eurorack sequencer. collab with matthew ryals, session #7.
2022.11.17 - download - eurorack sequencer for mannequins w/. video.
2022.10.28 - download - eurorack sequencer. collab with matthew ryals, session #6. video.
2022.10.21 - download - eurorack sequencer for cascading FM. collab with matthew ryals, session #5. video.
2022.09.26 - download - midi note feedback.
2022.09.21 - download - eurorack envelopes and sequencer. collab with matthew ryals, session #4.
2022.09.21 - download - blurred preset. utility for creating slightly randomized presets.
2022.09.09 - download - dual cross strummer, adapted for sending CV to eurorack.
2022.08.07 - download - dual cross strummer.
2022.05.28 - download - eurorack sequencer. collab with matthew ryals, session #3.
2022.04.01 - download - midi quantizer. utility for making diatonic midi patterns.
2022.04.01 - download - trigger sequencer that interpolates between two patterns.
2021.08.23 - download - counter experiment 5. far from the original idea, but a lot was picked up along the way.
2021.08.15 - download - counter experiment 4. counter max is sequenced by a table.
2021.08.09 - download - counter experiment 3. speed is correlated with length & phrases can get stuck repeating for as long as they want.
2021.08.02 - download - counter experiment 1. counter max increases with every repetition.
2021.01.25 - download - one button patch.
2020.11.19 - download - sloppy chords. sequencer that originated the idea for my max for live device ‘feel’.
2020.08.20 - download - sequencer in the style of Mark Fell. used in this video.