Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie     



cassette / digital via Mondoj

Scribble is truly a befitting name for this collection of miniatures created by composer and sound designer Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie. Recorded at his home this past Summer, the short, sweet pieces really are like aural scribbles in a notebook. Slightly chaotic and seemingly unintentional, the 7 tracks exhibit a childlike wonder, a fascination with how various sounds or rhythms work (or don’t work) in tandem.
At the time of writing, Sachs-Mishalanie was particularly interested in exploring loose evolving patterns, utilizing sounds that feel both natural and synthetic - for instance atmospheric field recordings, uncanny MIDI xylophones, and clumsy samples of his own voice. The resulting pieces each explore a singular environment, in which various elements (often quite literally) bounce off each other. There is no obvious logic to how these pieces evolve and behave, but there is something uniquely captivating about these recordings - they are surreal, yet eerily familiar.
[Words by Adam Badí Donoval]
A1. Aogaeru (2:42)
A2. Carrot World (2:38)
A3. aq (0:34)
A4. Thinkin’ Things (2:15)

B1. Sprout (1:52)
B2. Aquatic Solutions (3:57)
B3. Scribble (1:47)
Recorded at Home in Brooklyn, NY, Summer 2020
Field Recordings:
● (A1) G Train [9.18.2018]
● (A2) Roasted Carrots at Home [3.8.2020]
● (A4) Arcade in Kyoto [7.25.2019]
● (B1) Backyard Bugs at Home [8.12.2020]
● (B2) Rain at Home [5.1.2020]

All Sounds by Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie

Mastered by Angel Marcloid

Artwork and layout by Paulina Ufnal & Janek Ufnal