Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie     


flintstone chime bottle voice

musique concrète
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5” lathe cut record, edition of 35
& free digital download
released February 29 2020

music, mix, & master by Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie

drawings by R. Turner

lathe cut records by Precarian Cuts

These pieces were inspired by sounds I found and objects I recorded:  sound effects from the Flintstones, my grandma’s chimes, a water bottle, and my voice. I like seeing the variety of sounds ordinary objects can make and find their origin stories meaningful when later combining them in a piece.

These pieces were also a response to a summer studying Pierre Schaeffer for my PhD exams & dissertation. His music and thinking wrestled with what it means for a sound to be musical or anecdotal, and how recording transforms or erases the meaning of a sound.

This also led me to have this music cut to plexiglass records, similar to the technology Schaeffer used in his early pieces. Each of the 35 records were hand cut and they all end with a unique closed groove at that loops endlessly. I plan to use these records as instruments and sound sources.