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Modem Best Releases of 2020 by Matej Mihevc, 12/29/2020

The Quietus Mondoj: Tape Label of the Year by Daryl Worthington, 12/18/2020“The Brooklyn based composer creates bouncing, surreal miniatures that defy obvious logic. Mondoj have done the heavy lifting of finding artists that communicate this sense of play without becoming absorbed in their own ego. Proving that curation is indeed an art form in itself.“

Everything is Noise Scribble review by Toni Meese, 12/16/2020
”Sound design is a quality in music which has become more and more fascinating for me over the years, so it’s almost natural that plunderphonics as a ‘genre’ is something I keep my eyes on. Scribble is an awesome and adventurous experience in that regard.”

The Quietus Scribble review by Daryl Worthington, 11/4/2020 image“At times it sounds like Sachs-Mishalanie is using his synthetic instruments and stuttering glitches to write nursery rhymes for algorithms, at others, as though he’s making beats from Play-Doh.“

Take Effect Flintstone Chime Bottle Voice review by Tom Haugen, 5/6/20
“…Sachs-Mishalanie constructs very unique music that’s as imaginative as it is captivating.”

Broadway World Black Garden review by Lauren Allen, 9/14/18 image
“…The music cues were sharp and clear, making the transitions feel like we were really going somewhere.”

Score Follower I if I feature, 5/28/18

Composer’s Toolbox Pole, Steam, Tree, Glass review by Dan Lis, 6/11/17 image“…an inventive approach to timbre, idiomatic writing, a certain poetry, and the interaction of acoustic and electroacoustic approaches.”

The Sympathizer interview with Gauraa Shekhar, 9/16/2016
Guest Playlist, 8/6/2016

Play Too Much Eucalyptus video premiere, 8/12/2016 image “…like uploading your most vivid memories to a cloud of self identity…”

The Wild Honey Pie “for reality TV” review by Gauraa Shekhar, 4/19/2016 image “…this ostensibly unscripted 13-minute epic, split up into six, bite-size chapters that range gameshow gummy worm to elimination round bitter licorice.”

Impose ‘for reality TV” week in pop feature, 4/22/16 image“…hip & mind shaking grooves with the dazzling array of transmissions that beam forward…”

The Absolute Mag “Sleep Stir” review by Scott Interrante image“The six-song EP showcases Sachs-Mishalanie’s idiosyncratic songwriting with his dry, slice-of-life lyrics, as well as his keen arranging skills.”

The Miscreant “Sleep Stir” review by Connor Benincassa, 10/27/13 image
“…a deliciously ornate and modest look into Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie’s dream world…”

NPR, All Songs Considered “Beautica” review by Clare Flynn, 12/1/2011 image“…exudes youthful enthusiasm, as well as a surprising amount of maturity and pop craftsmanship.”