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Press Archive

Cycling 74 Smartphones interview by Dan Derks, 10/13/2020 Article about Smartphones mentioning Spike compatibility

Take Effect Flintstone Chime Bottle Voice review by Tom Haugen, 5/6/20“…Sachs-Mishalanie constructs very unique music that’s as imaginative as it is captivating.”

Broadway World Black Garden review by Lauren Allen, 9/14/18 image“…The music cues were sharp and clear, making the transitions feel like we were really going somewhere.”

Score Follower I if I feature, 5/28/18

Composer’s Toolbox Pole, Steam, Tree, Glass review by Dan Lis, 6/11/17 image“…an inventive approach to timbre, idiomatic writing, a certain poetry, and the interaction of acoustic and electroacoustic approaches.”

Golden Glades on Byte.FM “Book” features
Musik und Literatur” 9/28/16
Alles nur retro?” 1/22/14

The Sympathizer interview with Gauraa Shekhar, 9/16/2016
Guest Playlist, 8/6/2016

Play Too Much Eucalyptus video premiere, 8/12/2016 image “…like uploading your most vivid memories to a cloud of self identity…”

The Wild Honey Pie “for reality TV” review by Gauraa Shekhar, 4/19/2016 image “…this ostensibly unscripted 13-minute epic, split up into six, bite-size chapters that range gameshow gummy worm to elimination round bitter licorice.”

Impose ‘for reality TV” week in pop feature, 4/22/16 image“…hip & mind shaking grooves with the dazzling array of transmissions that beam forward…”

The Absolute Mag “Sleep Stir” review by Scott Interrante image“The six-song EP showcases Sachs-Mishalanie’s idiosyncratic songwriting with his dry, slice-of-life lyrics, as well as his keen arranging skills.”

The Miscreant “Sleep Stir” review by Connor Benincassa, 10/27/13 image
“…a deliciously ornate and modest look into Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie’s dream world…”

The Indie Rock Playlist “Book” feature, 12/13

NPR, All Songs Considered “Beautica” review by Clare Flynn, 12/1/2011 image“…exudes youthful enthusiasm, as well as a surprising amount of maturity and pop craftsmanship.”