Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie     


I if I

Commissioned by the VIPA Festival for the Mivos Quartet Premiered July 7, 2017 in Valencia, Spain

Finalist for the 2018 World New Music Days nominated by New Music Miami.


I if I is the third in a series of pieces exploring the differences in our interpretation of meaning, expression, and genuineness in acoustic and electronic sounds. Acoustic tones are juxtaposed with amplified, pre-recorded, and synthesized tones, and string noise is put up against white noise and recorded water sounds. Here are a few related questions: Is a recording merely an image of a past sound? Is an amplified sound less ‘real’ if the speaker is separated from the instrument? If we interpret a sound as ‘artificial,’ do we take it less seriously? Is there some space between ‘real’ and ‘artificial’?