Eucalyptus Front Cover StaticEucalyptus Front Cover Animated

Eucalyptus is three songs about writing songs. The lyrics started as self reflective wandering thoughts when I couldn’t write anything that felt genuine and expressive. Writing self-consciously about writing, music, and thinking allowed me to embed into these songs unself-conscious ideas about life and other things..

recursion / repetition and gradual change / tediousness / clerical tasks / a wandering mind

The beats were started in January 2013 when visiting the house where we currently live before we lived here (original file names: “ash house beat”, “ash house beat 3”, & “ash house beat 4”). The “Marble Words” music video was made here too, but much later. While the video started as an experiment to learn about animation and photoshop, the process and the aesthetic felt very close to the songs. The colored light from most frames is the same LED bulb that lit the page when I was writing the song Eucalyptus, which appears in the lyrics. The repetition of frames and continuous addition of new layers felt like the gradual and tedious process that shaped the beats and lyrics. The clerical feeling of printing and placing each frame felt like the non-creative thought of the lyrics. The balance of this mechanical type activity and imperfections like the slight frame to frame changes is important to me.

I’m really excited and grateful to be releasing this music with Newlywed Records. Download for free from Bandcamp (MP3, FLAC, or WAV), stream it on Soundcloud, Spotify, Rdio, Tidal, or Apple Music, and watch the vid on Youtube.

Music, video, & mixing by Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie. Mastered by Zeno Pittarelli. All songs © 2016 Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie, JSMishalanie Music / ASCAP


I’m afraid that when I write now it is always about writing in some way or another
When I write I usually sit down and think I want to write something so what am I thinking
If I’m lucky its interesting
If I’m lucky its anything at all
Once released from my brain I lose them
I have marble words too heavy to move from their positions
My brain no longer can interact
The words crumble before moving else I ruin the meaning
I often forget what I’m trying to say
I often forget how lucky I am
Maybe I should forget about myself and filter less.

Is this okay what I’m doing? I forget what I’m doing

I wrote this rhythm about you, its for you
These words came first
Thoughts about this rhythm came before the rhythm
Actually thats not true
The words changed since I first wrote them back on May 26 now its December 21
But the idea has remained, its still about you
The I way I love you changes like this rhythm
Everyday its still new

I can’t say it with words, so I mumble about music about you

Eucalyptus oil
Across the room you lay
You remind me of three years ago in our room
I think I wrote another song with the same lights on
I think I wrote another
I think I wrote the same song
Eucalyptus oil
You put it in the water
You remind me that we had the real thing last year
Two LED lightbulbs, one by you and one by me
Shift the mood of my page
These songs for too long have been limited in content
Like letters not reordered
I forget what I’m saying
A sentiment in my mind melt into overthinking
Like graphite on the page
Like clear oil over water