“Pole, Steam, Tree, Glass” featured on Composer’s Toolbox

It always feels good to be understood through your music, especially by a stranger. Check out this great write-up on my violin solo by Dan Lis over on Composer’s Toolbox. Heres a few of my favorite quotes:

“Electronics do not have to be grandiose. Instead of creating very complicated setups, or walls of sound, this piece relies on a few key elements that do not enhance the piece–rather, they make the piece what it is at a core level”

“Poetry is not reserved for romantic, lush, melodic gestures. In my judgment, this piece is a series of four succinct, humble poems. They meander a bit, but in essence remain like water flowing in a stream: there is always water, but it is moving at its own pace, on its own time, always downward but never gushing”